The SAPS Service Complaints Centre (see link below) is in place to help any person or an organisation wishing to lodge a complaint regarding an action or inaction regarding the service that was rendered or supposed to be rendered by the SAPS.

Complaints can vary from poor service delivery regarding communication, response, investigations, police negligence, police misconduct and complaints against SAPS members and general complaints.

You can file a complaint about a police officer, a police service policy, practice or procedure, by writing to the Station Commissioner of the police station concerned.

If your complaint is about your property having been lost or damaged while in police possession, you may be entitled to compensation. Address any enquiries to the Station Commissioner. If you are not satisfied, you can also approach the Area Commissioner of the police station concerned with details of your claim. If the complaint is still not addressed to your satisfaction, you can approach the Office of the Public Protector.

If your complaint still has not been addressed to your satisfaction, you can approach the Independent Complaints Directorate, but please note that this office can only be approached with complaints relating to cases of alleged criminal conduct or misconduct against Metro Police Service members and members of the South African Police Service who failed to execute their duties.

Minimum Complaint Information Required

The minimum information required includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full names and surname of the complainant; Identity number,
  • residential/business address, telephone and cell phone numbers and email address.
  • Also provide a description of the complaint including the province in which the complaint originated;
  • the name of the police station;
  • the case number (if applicable),and
  • the details of the SAPS employees involved.

To lodge a formal complaint, contact the SAPS Service Complaints Centre at 021 409 6535 or via email.

Do not use 10111 for service delivery complaints against the SAPS.