UPDATE: The Fish Hoek Community Service Centre (CSC) is OPEN for normal business.

Please wear a suitable mask when visiting. 

Fish Hoek SAPS  can be contacted directly as follows: 0825222745.
Fish Hoek SAPS Sector Van Contact number – 0825222053.
SAPS Flying Squad –  112 (cellphone) 10111 (landline).


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Please note the cellphone number usage changes for Fish Hoek SAPS cellphones below under the Emergencies and Important Contact Numbers section (scroll down to bottom of page).
Remember to wear your mask when visiting the police station.

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The role of the Fish Hoek Community Policing Forum (FH  CPF) is to make the needs of the community known to the police and to help the police meet those needs.

Our primary objective is to promote a partnership between the community and the local police in order to create an environment that will deliver effective and user-friendly policing in our community. To find out more about roles and duties of the FH CPF and its elected officials click here …

In terms of Section 19(1) of the SAPS Act, Act 68 of 1995 and other legislation, the community, through the CPFs, has the power to monitor, evaluate, and advise the police, and to enquire into policing matters. To find out more about the legal framework and regulations under which we operate  click here… 

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The Fish Hoek CPF AGM was successfully concluded on Wednesday, 18 November 2020 at the Paul Greyling Primary School Hall, Fish Hoek.

Advocate Han-Marié Marshall-Van Zyl, The Director: Community Police Relations, was the guest speaker and her address focussed on the Western Cape Government’s post Covid-19 recovery plan, with specific emphasis on safety based on the Cardiff Model. The Cardiff Model is a violence prevention strategy which focuses on sharing information between Health, police and local government. This system, when used in Wales, led to adjusted violence prevention strategies and interventions, which resulted in a significant reduction in violent injuries. For more details and information about this model click here.


1. Chairman – Mr Jonathan Mills
2. Deputy Chairman – Mr Riaan Bester
3. Treasurer – Ms Ruth Cullen
4. Secretary – Mr Sidney Osborne
5. Assistant Secretary – Mr John Lamont
6. Project Coordinator – vacant
7. Public Relations Officer – vacant
8. NHW Sector 1 Representative – vacant
9. NHW Sector 2 Representative – vacant
10. Sector 1 Crime Forum Representative  – vacant
11. Sector 2 Crime Forum Representative – vacant
12. Youth & School Coordinator – Mrs Louise Fouche
13. Elderly and Vulnerable Coordinator – Mrs Sharon Van Coller

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 FH SAPS Wanted List and Recent Successes

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Online scams on the internet include dodgy sites that try to lure you to open attachments and many other ploys. One thing to check out for is that the green lock icon appears to the left of the site address and the site is prefixed https:.  Most fake websites have poorly written text. Identifying this trait early on can help determine a website’s the legitimacy. Exercise caution in handling any message with a COVID-19-related topics, such as email attachments and hyperlinks. A trusted website to keep informed of corona matters is the Johns Hopkins corona resource centre at https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html.

Colonel Johnson, the SAPS Station Commander and Captain Basson, the Head of the Detectives Branch at Fish Hoek Police Station strongly urge residents to report crimes and to also keep suitable records (e.g. photographs of valuable items such as TVs, power tools bicycles) make, model and serial numbers) of possessions so that in the event of their theft this can be provided as additional information in the case dockets. Another option is to microdot these items as this will also assist the detectives with uniting recovered stolen items with their owners.

Residents with private surveillance cameras are asked to ensure these are functioning and that their lenses are cleaned regularly so as to provide optimum footage to the detectives, if possible. Ensure that backup power supply (batteries) of these systems are in good working order.

By reporting all cases of trespassing, attempted break ins theft from property and actual break ins to SAPS, better resource utilisation can take place. Make a difference by joining your neighbourhood watch, reporting crime and help SAPS to help you!

ATM Card theft, Online Crime and Fraud: Residents are advised to be vigilant when conducting digital transactions  when buying items from online buying and selling sites such as Gumtree, for more information and advice click hereProtect your personal details, computer log in credentials, online banking passwords and online banking account numbers by not providing these details to people cold calling  you to say your account has a problem and these details are needed by them to sort out the “problem”. 

Online scams from persons claiming to be from SARS, Telkom, ABSA bank etc, in which you sent emails and are asked to open html attachments or requested to provide personal information and/or passwords MUST be treated with caution. These institutions do not ask for that kind of information in telephone calls or emails!

Similarly, do not accept unsolicited help from people phoning and claiming to be Microsoft personnel  saying that they have  detected a problem with your computer or operating system. Do not give them ANY personal information such as banking codes and log in credentials; just terminate the call immediately.

Residents are also encouraged to make use of the online portals such as Safely Home Reporter (https://safelyhome.westerncape.gov.za/reporter)and Submit a service request (C3) (http://www.capetown.gov.za/City-Connect/Report/Muncipal-services-and-maintenance/Submit-a-service-request/Submit%20a%20service%20request%20online) to report matters affecting safety and security, in addition to general service delivery issues by the City of Cape Town


Visit the Information page to see a summary of crime for Fish Hoek and it’s adjoining precincts….

Emergencies and Important Contact Numbers

Every second counts in an emergency and could mean the difference between life and death. Currently, there’s no single emergency number in South Africa so it’s very important for you to have the correct contact details handy for a speedy response to your specific emergency.

Before you call

Always make sure that it’s a real emergency before you call as tying up emergency lines could lead to the prolonged suffering or death of someone else. When calling an emergency number, make sure that you have the following information ready:

  • Specific details about the location (address) of the incident or potential patient. Provide landmarks if you can.
  • Specific details of the incident. Speak clearly and as calmly as you can to the person taking your call.
  • Specific details about the contact person (name and telephone number). Make sure that the telephone line is available until emergency services arrive at the scene.

City Fire Control Centre – 021 590 1900

SAPS Flying Squad –  112 (cellphone) 10111 (landline)
Fish Hoek SAPS
– 021 7842722, 7842720 or 7842700 (switchboard) or  0825222745.
Fish Hoek SAPS Sector Van Contact number – 0825222053.

During load shedding
Ocean View SAPS – 0798940126 (At all times of the day or night including during load shedding).

Fish Hoek Fire Station – 021 782 9082
Flying Squad – 10111
Law Enforcement – 021 784 2000

Ambulance – 10177
Cape Medical Response (CMR) – 082 782 4444
Childline – 0800 055 555 / 021 762 8198
Disaster Management – 080 911 4357
Gender Based Violence Command Centre – 0800 428428 *120*7867# from a cellphone
Lifeline – 021 461 1113
Mountain Rescue – 021 948 9900
National Aids Helpline – 0800 012322
National Department of Healthhttps//www.health.gov.za

National Institute of Communicable Diseaseshttps://www.nicd.ac.za
National Human Trafficking Hotline – 0800 222777
NSRI Sea Rescue – 021 449 3500
Poison Information Helpline – 0861 555 777
Person with disabilities  – SMS Help to 31531
Suicide Hotline – 0800 567567
Woman Abuse Helpline – 0800 055555

City of Cape Town Fault LoggingClick here

Security Companies

Combat Force Security – 082 889 3724
Deepblue Security – 021 790 7901
Fidelity ADT Security – 086 121 2300
Mach1 Security – 021 782 2661

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