Here you can read the latest news concerning the Fish Hoek CPF and the community it serves. Last Updated:  1 July  2023.

The Fish Hoek Community Policing Forum (CPF) Special General Meeting  – Call for Nominations

The FH CPF invites nominations to fill the positions of the chairperson and deputy chairperson. Applications are open to all South African citizens 18 years or older and to serving members residing in and/ or having business, community-based organizations, community safety, and victim support structures in the jurisdiction of the Fish Hoek police precinct.
Persons actively serving in the SAPS, working for a security company, or those that hold an official position in a political party are excluded from applying.
(The regulations governing a community policing forum state that forum and boards shall be non-political. The CPF board, as per the Constitution is to regulate the establishment, functioning, and management of communication between the police and the community. A body, organization, or institution must apply in writing for membership in the forum.)
For more information about the role of a CPF and the duties of the above vacant positions, visit Information page on this website.
The application form, Ver3.doc, or pdf can be downloaded from Documents and Forms page, under the heading Forms.
Completed forms can be handed in at Fish Hoek SAPS directly or sent to
The closing date for applications is midnight on Friday, July 7.
Please note that a nominated candidate must be a member of either a NHW, a business, a community-based organization, NPO or NPO etc, which is registered with the FH CPF. The registered members representing these entities shall partake in election process at the special general meeting. The date of the special general meeting will take place within 14 days of the closing date for nominations. You will be notified of this date in due course.


Helping women and their children  affected by gender-based violence. For more information see their website at They can be contacted by calling 0800001005, or send an SMS, Whatsapp or *Please* Call Me to 0820578600/ 0820582215/ 0722307147 or send an email to


The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) has launched a toll free number (free from land lines only) (see below) which can use by the community to report alleged poor police service delivery, police misconduct and or criminality of a serious nature.


This number must be used responsibly and is a mechanism to report or escalate issues if you feel that your  official complaint to the FH Police Station Commissioner has not been addressed satisfactorily.

For example, police members who

  • sleep on duty,
  • harass or intimidate citizens,
  • fail to act to crimes (gender-based violence, domestic violence, child abuse etc)
  • abuse and misuse of police weapon, state resources and state vehicles, and
  • are involved in drug trafficking and and gangs.

Incidents relating to death in police custody, trafficking, poaching and rape, to name a few, should also be reported.

On calling the number, a complaint receptionist will take down your complaint, register your call and give you (the complainant) a reference number. Once a complaint was registered, it would be allocated to an investigator.

The Fish Hoek CPF Chairman (FH CPF) invites members of the community to make formal complaints to the concerning the Fish Hoek Police Station  to the Station Commissioner directly or directly to the FH CPF.

LATEST THREATS – 11 September 2020:

Invasion of Public and Private Property with a View to Erecting Structures

The threat of land invasion is very high and the City of Cape Town has asked the community to be vigilant of and to report any perceived illegal activity in this regard. It is therefore important that information on such activities be communicated to the City as soon as possible.

Public Areas
Residents are to be mindful of any structures erected/ being erected on public land, pavements, roads and road verges.  If it is considered to be blocking the normal thoroughfare of pedestrian- or motor vehicle traffic as well as constitute a safety concern, such sightings must be reported without delay as detailed below.
Law Enforcement Officers (LE) can issue transgressors with a compliance notice should they be found to be breaking any CoCT by-law regarding invasion of public areas through the erection of such a structure.

A LE has the power to remove such a structure or its construction components if the offender has ignored a previously issued compliance notice.  The LE will then issue the offender with a Section 56 Notice relating to that specific incident. The offender will also be allowed to remove any of his/her personal items on the site. A tent is deemed to be a personal item and cannot therefore be removed by anyone except the legal owner of the tent.

Private property
When non-authorized person(s) enter and gather on one’s private property or are building a structure (including a tent) the owner of the property cannot contact LE to effect an eviction / cessation. The owner has to obtain an eviction order in terms of the Unlawful Occupation of Land Act 19 (1998) and the PIE Act.

Reporting Mechanisms for In-progress or Existing Invasions

Report incident to:
Emergency Call Centre – 0214807700 and log a service matter on the City of Cape Town C3 Portal – Click here.

City Community Safety Liaison Officer
Marco Boer  Area South  073 236 5903

When reporting information, it should contain a clear description of the affected area, description of the perpetrators, estimated number of perpetrators and photos or video footage if available.

Ensure that reference numbers are obtained and you follow up on the progress thereof. It is also recommended that you provide these reference numbers to the Fish Hoek CPF via contact info provided on the FH CPF website.
The Land Invasion Unit  0860765423


The Department has long studied the deadly effects of the illegal possession and distribution of firearms; which sit at the centre of Cape Town’s high murder rate and gang related activity.

Last year, the Small Arms Survey reported that approximately 5.4 million South Africans have guns in their possession, but only three million of these firearms are licensed. Globally, South Africa sits at number 20 on the list of civilian held legal and illicit firearms. According to Gun Free South Africa, an astonishing 9855 guns are either lost or stolen each year. It is these firearms that are harder to keep track of and essentially lead to increased gun violence in South Africa.

To learn more and how you can qualify for a reward click here