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Fish Hoek SAPS Police Station is located in Addo Road, just off the Main Road, about 350 metres from the turn off into Clovelly as one enters Fish Hoek from the North; or one kilometre from the traffic circle (located where the Main Road meets Kommetjie Road) when travelling down the Main Road towards Clovelly (GPS co-ordinates -34.132613 18.435109).

Phone: 021 7842700, 021 7842720
Fax: 021 787145
Email: fishhoeksaps@saps.gov.za

During Load Shedding

Landline – 021 7826289
Sector 1: 0825522745
Sector 2: 0825522053
(scroll down to see the  limits of these sectors)

Physical Address: C/O Banks and Main Road, Fish Hoek, 7974
Postal Address: PO Box 22481, Fish Hoek, 7974

To obtain a listing of all SAPS police station contact numbers and services in the Western Cape click here


Community policing is a style of policing that involves all members of the community and the other outside agencies that can be of assistance to the police and community.
The community has the right to know what the police are doing, why it is being done and what has resulted from their actions. Likewise, the community should also be willing to share information with the police and assist them in their work.
For this partnership to be successful the police should be seen as part of the community and this partnership must be strong with both parties pulling in the same direction. This needs the two parties to get together, talk to each other, share information and develop a close bond and trust. There will always be differences of opinion but all effort should be made to resolve or minimise these so that they do not become barriers.

The Fish Hoek precinct is divided into two sectors to provide local management and visibility within our community.

Sector 1

Sector 2


Many people who witness or are victims of crime don’t always end up reporting or opening a case at their police station especially if they have not suffered any actual loss because the intended criminal was disturbed or did not succeed in carrying out an actual crime.

Residents also feel as that the act of reporting the crime (opening a case with SAPS) is too much of a time consuming act, whereas some felt that it would not make a difference. Some even stated that they were turned away or “put off” by police officers when they attempted to open a case at their local police stations or were told that they cannot open a crime.

Reporting all crime is very important as it helps to present a true reflection of crime in the precinct of Fish Hoek this has an influence on resources assigned by SAPS to this precinct according to crime threat analysis.

No matter what the crime, even if it is a petty theft or harassment, it must be reported! If crime is not reported, SAPS cannot know whether crime is being committed in a certain area, when and how often it is being committed and subsequently plan their visible policing operations around these threats.

By reporting crime, it may paint a crime pattern in that area when put together with other crime reports, expose a pattern that may fit a modus operandi of a known criminal.

This intelligence is also fed to neighbourhood watches who also focus their patrolling in areas where it is needed.

Not reporting crime gives the community a false sense of security in a particular area which may not be true.

You can assist SAPS by becoming aware of and keeping yourself informed of matters that affect your personal safety and possessions. Joining your neighbourhood watch is also a good way of getting information about safety and security in your area. You can get useful information by visiting this link (https://www.saps.gov.za/alert/index.php).intimidation

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