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Listed below are some guidelines concerning community safety within the Fish Hoek policing precinct. We will update this information as we receive new information so do visit here often.

General Crime and Safety Synopsis

Although Fish Hoek has enjoyed the reputation of being one of, if not the safest areas in South Africa, the reality is that this situation has changed. Criminal activity can occur at any time but outside of business hours one needs to be more safety conscious when leaving vehicles unattended or walking the streets within the CBD and beach areas especially when there are few people about. Young children, women on their own and elderly are more vulnerable to criminals who perceive them as soft targets. This also applies when leaving restaurants. The area around Fish Hoek Station, subways, the taxi rank, portals at the post office, the banking malls, areas outside of restaurants, backstreets and lanes all require vigilance especially when there is no security presence in the area or a public presence is minimal.

ATM Theft

Parking is free in Fish Hoek excluding the Town Square Parking area. You are however requested to adhere to the parking periods indicated on the street signage boards. ATM fraudsters are using a “must pay for parking” ruse to lure you to use the ATM’S. DO NOT PAY ANYTHING AT AN ATM FOR PARKING!

If your card is not retrievable from an ATM or you suspect your card has been stolen or cloned then report this immediately to your bank and get your card stopped.
ABSA: 080 011 1155
CAPITEC: 086 010 2043
FNB: 087 575 9444
NEDBANK: 080 011 0929
STANDARD: 086 102 0600

Make sure you have your banking contact details available on your person at all times.

Please report the incident to the SA Police Service, Main Road, Fish Hoek (Tel: 021 784 2700)
Do not allow anyone to come within your comfort zone at ATMs and do not accept help from anyone who offers it to you. After hours it is advisable not to draw money on your own at the ATM outlets until you have done a thorough scan of the immediate area. Cancel a transaction and remove your card the minute you suspect something is amiss or your safe space is violated. ATM scamsters do not operate alone; they have a lookout(s) or watch the ATM from a distance before approaching a likely suspect or enthusiastically encourage and accompany you to an ATM where there accomplices will soon join you.  If they do manage to get your card, do NOT follow their instructions to go to another machine where they will want you to “cancel” your card. Many of them are well dressed so do not let this cause you to adopt a lessened attitude of security, thinking that a caring community member is extending a hand of help!


Take special care of your possessions when visiting our beaches, especially when you are swimming in the water and do not leave valuables unattended on the beach.

Car Guards

Official car park attendants who wear dark blue bibs are sanctioned by local Law Enforcement and the BID to watch over the vehicles in the parking areas but this does not always mean they can be trusted as it the practice of “lending” their bibs out to others cannot be discounted. Use discretion when interacting with them. Those so called car guards that are wearing any other colour bib will necessitate that you are more cautious and you are discouraged from tipping them as these unauthorised people have been known to be aggressive and overbearing.

Lookout Places

Take care at lookout places and parking areas at beaches as these can be potential mugging areas. The parking area on Ou Kaapseweg, close to Peers Cave, is a particular place to exercise caution at, especially when on one’s own or at night.


Parking in Fish Hoek is free at all times. Do not pay attention to anyone who insists you must pay them for parking or direct you towards an ATM to do so.

Do not leave items of value in visible places in your car when leaving your vehicle unattended at car parking area and bays in the street. Place them in your boot for extra security. Sunglasses, items of clothing, bags, GPS units, small change lying about in the car etc. all present tempting opportunities.

Pedestrian Crossings

Due to inherently poor driving habits pedestrians should take special care when crossing roads (even at designated traffic lights and stop streets. The pedestrian crossing on the Main Road outside the Central Arcade is a particular place where caution is needed.

Public Intimidation

Do not allow yourself to be harassed by strangers in Fish Hoek. Cases can be opened against individuals for ongoing intimidation with SAPS. Areas where you can expect this to happen more frequently are at traffic light intersections, shopping car parks, the CBD, the beach and in Houmoed Avenue outside the businesses.

Shopping Awareness

Protect your wallets and bags and do not leave sight of them at all times. Thieves often work in a team whereby one will distract you while the other steals your wallet, purse, cell phone or other items.

Stop Streets and Traffic Lights

Due to poor traffic law enforcement it is not uncommon to see motorists jumping intersections or failing to stop at pedestrian crossings. Pedestrians and motorists should take care when crossing roads and when using these intersections.

Refuse Bins

Do not place dust bins out for collection before 06h00 on bin day. Bin availability encourages the street people into the area and their presence often results in a mess in the roads. Many criminals accompany the bin pickers and are looking at properties for opportunities to break in. Please be vigilant about this. This is the responsibility of the residents.


Beware that thieves operate primarily within the CBD and beach areas looking for opportunities to steal unattended possessions in vehicles and when placed outside of your immediate view when sitting at beach side locations.

When walking in streets alone do not make yourself a target for crime by walking and talking on your cell phone or with headphones on with total disregard of who is in your vicinity.

Unacceptable Behaviour

Due to the inherent problem of homelessness and vagrancy public areas are often used to defecate, fornicate and conduct drug and alcohol related activities. Please report any criminal incidents to SAPS, or lodge complaints to the City of Cape Town via their Eservices online portal for bylaw infringements. Click here to visit their site.